IFEMA and Expansión award the 2017 Pyme Awards

On November 20th, the 2017 Pyme Awards annually convened by IFEMA and EXPANSIÓN were presented. These awards recognize the work carried out by small and medium-sized companies, essential players in job creation and economic development in the country. The six award-winning companies, selected among 162 applications, were Solar Mems (Seville), Araven (Zaragoza), Agroamb (Galicia), Santa Teresa (Avila), Smartick (Madrid) and Worklandlife (Madrid), for their contribution and effort in becoming a reference in the categories of Innovation Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Internationalization, Employment Creation and the Development of the Entrepreneur Spirit.

Cristina Cifuentes, president of the Community of Madrid, chaired the event accompanied by Javier Ruiz-Santiago, Deputy Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid; Maria José Pérez-Cejuela, Director of Commerce and Consumption of the Community of Madrid; Concepción Díaz de Villegas, Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council; Juan Pablo Lázaro, President of CEIM; Ana Isabel Pereda, Director of the Expansión newspaper; Clemente González Soler, President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, and Eduardo López-Puertas, General Director of IFEMA, among others.

This edition had a record participation, with 162 applications compared to 143 last year