FERIARTE opens its digital store on eBay stores.ebay.es/feriartedigital/

Collectors and lovers of art and antiques can now buy online amongst more than 1,000 art pieces selected and exhibited by antique dealers and art galleries participating in the latest edition of FERIARTE. With this, IFEMA takes a decisive step by opening itself to the e-commerce environment, expanding access to artistic pieces for buyers and collectors from all over the world.

Through its new store on eBay, it opens the opportunity to acquire exclusive pieces, some more than 100 years old, as well as a selection of works of art by renowned contemporary artists: pastic arts, graphic work, sculpture, archeology, decorative arts, jewelry, books and maps, architectural elements, ceramics and porcelain, ivory and silver, tribal and primitive art. We are talking about hundreds of exceptional and exclusive pieces whose quality and authenticity is guaranteed by the Expert Committee of FERIARTE, composed of more than 40 specialists from different disciplines.

This project, which is part of the IFEMA digitalization plan and which has been working in recent months with two reference technology partners, eBay and MODDO, facilitates the exhibitors of FERIARTE (and also those of Almoneda Navidad) an online sales channel for all those works and pieces exhibited at the fair, increasing the possibilities of commercialization to 365 days a year.

IFEMA strengthens it commitment to e-commerce, with the creation of a digital art and antique store in collaboration with eBay and MODDO