#MECOMPROUNAOBRA, an initiative of the ARCO Foundation to promote collecting

A recent innovative proposal from the ARCO Foundation aims at raising the general interest for collecting and the purchase of art pieces. The new edition of Arco will take place from February 21st to 25th in the different ARCO galleries in Madrid, which have joined this initiative that aims to make art available to the public, with prices under 2018 euros.

Selection of pieces is the result of a joint work between the galleries and the participating bloggers of diverse disciplines that will contribute to communicate the initiative among their followers. #Mecomprounaobra seeks to bring contemporary art to a new audience, with the help of prestigious personalities in their professional fields. The designer Ana Locking has selected a work in the García Galería gallery, and the model Nieves Álvarez, in the Fernández Braso gallery. For its part, the gallery Pilar Serra will feature actress Antonia Sanjuan, while F2 will be with the chef Samantha Vallejo-Nágera. Max Estrella will entrust the selection of works to journalist Marta Riopérez; Crossing Four, to illustrator Spaghetti Monster; Espacio Mínimo, to Charo Izquierdo, director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid; and Nogueras Blanchard, to Jean Porsche, architect. Other galleries that have confirmed their participation are Sabrina Amrani with Ianko López; Álvaro Alcázar with María de León; Formatocomodo with Tomás Fernando Flores; José de la Mano with Joan Matabosch; Rafael Pérez Hernando with María Blasco; Alegría Gallery with Diego Postigo; Moisés Pérez de Albéniz with Fernando González Molina; Ponce + Robles with Tomás Alía; The Goma with Inés Ybarra; Maisterravalbuena with Andrés Rodríguez; Heinrich Ehrhardt with Paco Pintón; and Bacelos Gallery with Elena Furiase.

ARCO seeks to increase awareness about art, promote the purchase of contemporary artists’ pieces and show their accessibility