IFEMA leads in international fairs, with a 51% market share in Spain

With a total of 43 international fairs in 2018, Madrid consolidates its position as a prominent leader in the celebration of this kind of events, concentrating 51% of the quota of international fairs held in Spain, as analysed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, through the Commerce Secretary of State and the Region. Barcelona occupies second place, with a 22% share and Valencia, third with 14% of the total. These data represent a 8% growth compared to last year for Madrid, occupying the highest position ever reached in the historical series.

Of the 43 international fairs, 40 are part of the official IFEMA Calendar, and of these, 38 are organized by the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid. They are followed by Barcelona, ​​with 19 international fairs, Valencia with 6, Bilbao with 3 and Zaragoza with 2 fairs. With this, IFEMA leads, one more year, the market of international trade fairs, contributing decisively to give Madrid a key international projection in that field.

Madrid consolidates its position as the leading international exhibition destination in Spain, with an 8% growth and a record number of international fairs