IFEMA starts an air conditioning project using geothermal energy

Feria de Madrid is the first fair ground that includes a plant for the use of geothermal energy. Its installation has recently entered into operation for the air conditioning of the central office building. The project, which represents IFEMA’s commitment to renewable energies, efficiency and environmental sustainability, has been carried out by Sacyr Industrial, whose project has consisted of the drilling of 40 geothermal boreholes up to 150 meters deep, connecting with a new geothermal heat pump of 355 kW of thermal power and 305 kW of cold power.

The installation enables an electric energy saving of 81,000 kWh / year; a thermal energy saving (natural gas) of 707,000 kWh / year, and a primary energy reduction of 80 TEP (equivalent tons of oil). In addition, it will allow the reduction of CO2 emissions of 200 Tons per year, an annual economic saving of €40,000.

The project is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policies of IFEMA