DIGITAL BUSINESS WORLD CONGRESS will bring together the latest in the digital sector

More than 18,000 professionals and 450 international speakers will meet at IFEMA from May 22nd to 24th, at DIGITAL BUSINESS WORLD CONGRESS, the great event in the digital economy, where more than 200 conferences will be held and in which intelligence artificial will be the star. DES will gather the list of technological solutions that are driving the development of new business models, such as IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain or Digital Marketing, among others. It will also bring together prestigious names such as Stuart Russel, world authority and leader of the World Economic Forum in Artificial Intelligence; Aristedes Mahiras, director of the Cybersurveillance / Cyber ​​Division unit of the FBI in New York; o Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, director of the IoT Forum Virium in Helsinki.

More than 18,000 professionals and 450 speakers will meet at the main event on the digital economy.