IFEMA promotes university talent

The stimulation of academic excellence and the collaboration between the university and the business world has been the axis of the first project jointly promoted by IFEMA and the School of Industrial Engineering and Design of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, through the organization of the Contest of Ideas for the design of an electromechanical device for closing the gates of the pavilions of IFEMA.

The three prizes, which were delivered on April 19th, went to Rafael Alférez Robisco, for the project “Solution at the closing of the guillotine gates of IFEMA” as the winning prize; the second prize goes to Héctor Hernández Galvan and Javier Maqueda Ortega, as authors of the project “Lower channels of guillotine gates of pavilions of IFEMA”, and the third prize is for Florín Mihai Ricean, for the work “Mobile bridge”.

The objective is to foster collaboration between the university and companies, and to promote excellence in training, research and professional development