Recognition of FITUR to the tourism industry

The International Tourism Fair delivered the FITUR 2018 Awards on May 29, as recognition to the efforts of companies, professionals, institutions and researchers to enhance the image of the sector and contribute to its development.

The awards for the ‘Best Stands’ were for the communities (regions) of Aragón, Comunitat Valenciana, and Turismo de Galicia, as well as for the countries of El Salvador, Turkey and Latvia, with a special mention for the stand of the State of Guerrero. In the category of Companies, the winners were Paradores de Turismo; the Hotel Business Association of Madrid, AEHM, and SEGITTUR FITUR KNOW HOW & EXPORT, with a special mention to the H10 HOTELS stand.

Likewise, the awards to the Best Product of Active Tourism, that are organized in collaboration with the magazine Aire Libre, have been for Gastronomic Stations of Asturias; Douro expedition in Kayak de Zamora; Natural Parks of Galicia, Experiences in the middle of nature, and the Model of Astroturismo of La Palma. In the International Category, Indigenous Paraísos (Mexico) and Kayak4conservation (Papua Indonesia) were awarded.

For its part, the award ‘Tribune FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera’, organized in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Tourism Experts, AECIT, distinguished the work “Measurement and Analysis of Sustainability: Synthetic Indicators through Multicriteria Methods and their Relation with Tourism in the Litoral de Andalucía “, by Dr. Daniela Fernanda Thiel Ellul and Dr. Enrique Navarro Jurado.

The International Tourism Fair distinguishes one year more the effort of companies, institutions, countries and professionals with their FITUR 2018 Awards