IFEMA, accessible for the hearing impaired

Coinciding with National Sign Language Day in Spain on June 14th, IFEMA launched an informational service for the hearing impaired. This project includes IFEMA’s primary digital and informational public access tools such as its website, which has adapted its content to feature videos with sign language interpreters. In addition, the two main information booths located in the South and North halls now offer video chat services through tablets, allowing users to access the sign-language interpreter platform in real time, facilitating communication and resolving any questions these users have.

The aim of this initiative is to eliminate barriers in communication and enable the hearing impaired to participate, something which has been very limited thus far. According to Eduardo López-Puertas, IFEMA Managing Director: “This pioneering service in the trade fair industry represents a challenge for IFEMA as well as a motivation to promote accessibility, the only real measure that ensures the inclusion of our society’s hearing impaired”.

This initiative aims to eliminate barriers in communication and make it easier for the hearing impaired to participate in our trade fairs, something which has been very limited up to now.