IFEMA celebrates International Global Exhibition Day with its employees

For the third year in a row, IFEMA celebrated Global Exhibition Day with its employees and industry representatives. The aim was to underscore the value of the trade fair industry and thank all the companies, suppliers, media and other professionals for their support and contributions, making it possible for IFEMA to host more than 100 annual trade fairs and conferences per year.

Global Exhibition Day is celebrated in more than 80 countries and serves to highlight the industry’s economic and social impact. In numbers, this translates into 98 million euros from 31,000 trade fairs hosting 4.4 million professional exhibitors and more than 260 million visitors around the world. Spain currently ranks 4th internationally, organising 400 fairs per year according to the Association of Spanish Trade Fairs.

In his welcome address at this event, IFEMA President, Clemente González Soler, indicated that “we expect an increase in figures over the next five years according to the Strategic Plan’s growth forecasts, doubling IFEMA’s billing volume and exceeding 200 million euros in 2022”.

31,000 trade fairs are held around the world each year, with 4.4 million participating companies and 260 million visitors, all generating 98 million euros.