Expodrónica comes to Madrid

The world’s eight best drone racing teams are set to land in Madrid and in Spain for the first time ever. They’ll be able to size each other up in a unique setting in Europe, allowing spectators to enjoy the race from the golden sands of the Las Ventas Bullring. This event is part of the Expodrónica trade show to be held in Hall 5 at IFEMA on July 4th and 5th, featuring speakers from the leading Spanish companies already working with drones.

This year’s edition of will have a more experiential component, with demonstrations and presentations, including a waterproof drone presented for the first time in Spain, as well as talks dedicated to storing data in iCloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a new job portal for the industry and other new features.

Expodrónica is in line with the Spanish government’s strategic plan for civilian drones in every area, focusing on important issues such as investments in the industry, education for development and innovation through practical actions. It will also touch on collateral industries such as U-Space/ATM; hydro-environment; cybersecurity; Big Data; “Focus on Energy”; success stories; universities and employment, and technical conferences by Aesa, among others.


A waterproof drone to be presented for the first time ever in Spain