IFEMA and APM join together to promote FITUR-Festivales

Each year, the offering of music festivals in Spain grows and multiplies, spreading to every corner of the country. With this rapidly growing industry in mind, IFEMA and the Association of Music Promoters (Asociación de Promotores Musicales, APM) recently signed an agreement to organise activities as part of FITUR with a section dedicated specifically to music festivals, known as FITUR-Festivales. The aim is to create a direct connection between tourism and music festivals. Clearly, the ideal setting for this is none other than the next 2019 International Tourism Fair (FITUR). 

Eduardo López-Puertas, IFEMA Director General, declared, the agreement with APM represents key support for the FITUR-Festivales section which focuses on one of the sectors generating new opportunities for growth and expansion in the tourism industry. APM members are in charge of organising 80% of the concerts held in Spain. Consequently, collaborating with them is, without doubt, key to promote these festivals and the different destinations that hold them.”

Agreement recently signed to develop FITUR-Festivales