IFEMA invests 12 million euros in four unique projects

As of September, IFEMA will count on new, essential infrastructures and services, representing a significant improvement in the experience and care it provides the visitors and exhibitors taking part in all its trade shows, congresses and public events.

These investments are included within IFEMA’s transformation process currently underway and its investment strategy spanning the next five years. This has implied undertaking four key projects over the summer months. The first initiative includes two projects, namely, the installation of free, open-access Wi-Fi and emergency PA systems throughout our facilities. Another is building a new hall to expand the exhibit space available. Finally, installing security bollards at IFEMA’s access points will permit the automated control of vehicles entering our facilities.

IFEMA has synchronised all of these projects to ensure that they are operational in September with the start of activity. IFEMA has dedicated nearly 12 million euros to these projects, all as part of its Strategic Plan which runs until 2020 and implies a total investment of 100 million euros.

One of the most important technological improvements is installing a free, open-access Wi-Fi network for all participants.