IFEMA strengthens its high security systems

IFEMA stands at the head of the European trade fairs venues as one of the newest in high security equipment. This action is part of the global 5-year investment plan, which foresees a budget of €100 million, for the improvement of infrastructure, communications, digitization and security equipment.

This project includes the installation of an automated access control system and an emergency public address system. New, state-of-the-art barrier equipment will monitor the access of more than 700,000 vehicles, trucks and freight transport. For this purpose, a total of 92 bollards have been manufactured in high performance steel and resistant to the impact of high-speed freight vehicles.

These have been installed at the four main access points to IFEMA (North, South, East and West). At the same time, the Feria de Madrid will also have a new public address system that will ensure the efficiency of communications in emergencies, under any circumstance. In addition, exhibitors and visitors will be informed in an optimal manner, thanks to a total of 5,164 megaphones installed indoors, in common areas, offices and other areas, and 472 speakers for the pavilions.

For the high security access control project and the emergency public address system IFEMA has allocated an investment of €3.5 million.