IFEMA invests 12 million euros in four unique projects

As of September, IFEMA will count on new, essential infrastructures and services, representing a significant improvement in the experience and care it provides the visitors and exhibitors taking part in all its trade shows, congresses and public events.

These investments are included within IFEMA’s transformation process currently underway and its investment strategy spanning the next five years. This has implied undertaking four key projects over the summer months. The first initiative includes two projects, namely, the installation of free, open-access Wi-Fi and emergency PA systems throughout our facilities. Another is building a new hall to expand the exhibit space available. Finally, installing security bollards at IFEMA’s access points will permit the automated control of vehicles entering our facilities.

IFEMA has synchronised all of these projects to ensure that they are operational in September with the start of activity. IFEMA has dedicated nearly 12 million euros to these projects, all as part of its Strategic Plan which runs until 2020 and implies a total investment of 100 million euros.

One of the most important technological improvements is installing a free, open-access Wi-Fi network for all participants.

Alliance between IFEMA and the Spain Film Commission to develop the FITUR-Cine/Screen Tourism section

The growing interest in visiting places where films and, in particular, TV series with massive audiences have been filmed has opened up a new opportunity: promote those destinations and visits to those locations. This phenomenon is growing around the world and represents an important alternative to diversify the tourism offering and fight against its seasonality. Within this context, FITUR now offers an important platform to connect the tourism and film industries with the creation of the new FITUR-Cine/Screen Tourism section with the Spain Film Commission (SFC). The first edition will be included as part of FITUR 2019 from January 23rd to 27th at IFEMA in Madrid. 

To carry out this project, IFEMA Director General, Eduardo López-Puertas, and the President of the Spain Film Commission, Carlos Rosado, signed a collaboration agreement this past July 25th.

For IFEMA, as the Director General pointed out, “presenting this new dedicated space represents a step forward in our attempts to integrate vertical sectors into FITUR, sectors which represent jobs, business and growth for the tourism industry, as is the case with the flourishing screen tourism segment”. 

The new  FITUR-Cine/Screen Tourism section will have its own space, featuring an exhibition area with the offering different participants have available; a B2B area; and another area for a series of lectures, organised in collaboration with the SFC.

FITUR incorporates a new section into its offering to promote screen tourism.

IFEMA and APM join together to promote FITUR-Festivales

Each year, the offering of music festivals in Spain grows and multiplies, spreading to every corner of the country. With this rapidly growing industry in mind, IFEMA and the Association of Music Promoters (Asociación de Promotores Musicales, APM) recently signed an agreement to organise activities as part of FITUR with a section dedicated specifically to music festivals, known as FITUR-Festivales. The aim is to create a direct connection between tourism and music festivals. Clearly, the ideal setting for this is none other than the next 2019 International Tourism Fair (FITUR). 

Eduardo López-Puertas, IFEMA Director General, declared, the agreement with APM represents key support for the FITUR-Festivales section which focuses on one of the sectors generating new opportunities for growth and expansion in the tourism industry. APM members are in charge of organising 80% of the concerts held in Spain. Consequently, collaborating with them is, without doubt, key to promote these festivals and the different destinations that hold them.”

Agreement recently signed to develop FITUR-Festivales

IFEMA brings its international delegates together


IFEMA’s Annual Delegates Convention was held on June 20th and 21st, bringing together the institution’s thirty-plus international delegates. The aim was to learn about their work and analyse the strategy and objectives IFEMA has set for the next five years.

IFEMA’s Managing Director, Eduardo López-Puertas, welcomed the delegates and presented IFEMA’s transformation project as well as its expansion plans in which international growth plays a key role.

Similarly, the delegates explored the institution’s lines of action in the communications area, as well as how to integrate the delegations into IFEMA’s global strategy, the application of the new European Data Protection Law (GDPR) and aligning objectives and projects with IFEMA’s sales offices to foment international participation and the institution’s growth over the next few years.

IFEMA has more than twenty international delegations around the world. The aim of these is primarily commercial, though they also support and advise international exhibitors and clients. In addition, they carry out studies on business opportunities in areas of interest for exporters and support their participation in business and professional trade fairs.


More than twenty delegations from around the world help international companies and buyers participate in trade fairs.

IFEMA, on the leading edge of digital transformation


IFEMA has clearly wagered on technology and is at the forefront of digital transformation, developing digital environments within the international trade fair industry. Through FUNDACIÓN IFEMA LAB, it aims to promote new developments based on the Feria Aumentada (“Augmented Trade Fair”) project, presented within the framework of FITUR 2018.

IFEMA’s new lab (FUNDACIÓN IFEMA LAB) includes university researchers and aims to move the “Augmented Trade Fair” project forward. The goal is to develop mixed reality environments, including holographic devices and augmented reality to thus achieve the technological edge the trade fair industry demands.

To this end, FUNDACIÓN IFEMA LAB will work on its own and externally financed R&D initiatives to integrate and develop prototypes to test and spread the use of this technology. It will also develop commercial products based on success stories in the MICE industry and, of course, attract, train and manage talent thanks to scholarships, seminars and other innovation-based programmes and the latest trends in the trade fair industry.

Thanks to the “Augmented Trade Fair” project led by Fundación IFEMA LAB, digital technology will be increasingly incorporated within the trade fair industry.

Salón Look announces the 6th Premios Look Awards

Premios Look 2018

On June 6th, the Círculo de Bellas Artes art centre hosted the 6th Premios Look 2018 Awards organised by IFEMA and convened by the image and beauty trade fair, SALÓN LOOK. The aim of these awards is to recognise the work of professionals, companies and organisations in the hairdressing and beauty industries which, thanks to their creativity and efforts, improve education and business management in their respective sectors as well as promote, raise awareness and launch social action initiatives.

The winners were selected from among twenty-four finalists: theQHair for the Best Business Project in Hairdressing; Termosalud, for the Best Business Project in Beauty; Coolday, for the Best Concept Salon in Hairdressing; Carmen Navarro, for the Best Concept Salon in Beauty; Embellece tu Futuro-L’Oreal, for the Best Solidarity-minded Action; Alma Corporation-Rizos, for the Best Educational Programme; Belleza en Vena, for the Best Online Communications Campaign; and the Shangay Group, for the Best Offline Communications Campaign. In addition, the Honorary Salon Look Awards were given to Mª del Carmen Madrigal and the sisters, Emma and Matilde Saurina, for their personal involvement and dedication to the hairdressing and beauty industries, respectively.

This coming September, Salón Look will showcase the latest trends in the hairdressing and beauty industries, featuring more than 400 exhibitors and 1,300 national and international brands.

These awards have positioned themselves among the leading prizes in the hairdressing and beauty industries once again.

Carlos Soria, special guest during Global Exhibition Day 

Carlos Soria

As part of the celebrations commemorating Global Exhibition Day, IFEMA organised an event with the presence of the internationally renowned mountain climber, Carlos Soria. He gave an inspiring talk on his latest attempt to climb Dhaulagiri in Nepal during his last expedition sponsored by IFEMA.

His talk focused on his life experiences and the values his profession requires, including hard work, perseverance, a desire to overcome obstacles and fulfil goals, values shared by IFEMA and the more than 30,000 companies that take part in its trade fairs.

Spain’s most international mountain climber shared his experiences on his recent expedition to Dhaulagiri (Nepal) sponsored by IFEMA.

IFEMA celebrates International Global Exhibition Day with its employees

Clemente González Soler, presidente de IFEMA,

For the third year in a row, IFEMA celebrated Global Exhibition Day with its employees and industry representatives. The aim was to underscore the value of the trade fair industry and thank all the companies, suppliers, media and other professionals for their support and contributions, making it possible for IFEMA to host more than 100 annual trade fairs and conferences per year.

Global Exhibition Day is celebrated in more than 80 countries and serves to highlight the industry’s economic and social impact. In numbers, this translates into 98 million euros from 31,000 trade fairs hosting 4.4 million professional exhibitors and more than 260 million visitors around the world. Spain currently ranks 4th internationally, organising 400 fairs per year according to the Association of Spanish Trade Fairs.

In his welcome address at this event, IFEMA President, Clemente González Soler, indicated that “we expect an increase in figures over the next five years according to the Strategic Plan’s growth forecasts, doubling IFEMA’s billing volume and exceeding 200 million euros in 2022”.

31,000 trade fairs are held around the world each year, with 4.4 million participating companies and 260 million visitors, all generating 98 million euros.

IFEMA, accessible for the hearing impaired

Logo Comunicados

Coinciding with National Sign Language Day in Spain on June 14th, IFEMA launched an informational service for the hearing impaired. This project includes IFEMA’s primary digital and informational public access tools such as its website, which has adapted its content to feature videos with sign language interpreters. In addition, the two main information booths located in the South and North halls now offer video chat services through tablets, allowing users to access the sign-language interpreter platform in real time, facilitating communication and resolving any questions these users have.

The aim of this initiative is to eliminate barriers in communication and enable the hearing impaired to participate, something which has been very limited thus far. According to Eduardo López-Puertas, IFEMA Managing Director: “This pioneering service in the trade fair industry represents a challenge for IFEMA as well as a motivation to promote accessibility, the only real measure that ensures the inclusion of our society’s hearing impaired”.

This initiative aims to eliminate barriers in communication and make it easier for the hearing impaired to participate in our trade fairs, something which has been very limited up to now.  

The bibs of the MOVISTAR MEDIO MARATÓN MADRID will be collected at IFEMA

IFEMA will be part of the mythical MOVISTAR MEDIO MARATÓN MADRID (the half marathon of the city), in hall 2, where runners will pick up of their race numbers on April 6th and 7th, before the race on Sunday, 8th April through the streets of the Spanish capital.

In addition, attendees can discover the latest in sports products and technology applied to runners, in the exhibition area.


On 6th and 7th of April, IFEMA will receive all the participants of the half maratón for the collection of their race numbers