IFEMA, Madrid horse week’s naming sponsor

IFEMA’s long-standing collaboration with Madrid Horse Week took a significant step forward in the fair’s last edition in November with a change in the event’s name, now called IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK.

With this collaboration, the fair can successfully transform its positioning as the key equestrian event in Spain, associating its name to the country’s leading fair operator and one of the most important in Europe.

IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK, the new name for Madrid Horse Week

Thus, one more year, IFEMA has transformed itself to welcome this great equestrian event under the new brand name IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK, making it one of the city’s key events in its cultural and entertainment agenda.

IFEMA presents its transformation project to employees

IFEMA is currently in the midst of a transformation project, presented to employees in November.

Eduardo López-Puertas, IFEMA Managing Director, and Elena Roldán, IFEMA Secretary General and Coordinator of the Transformation Project, along with other dedicated work group representatives held a meeting to present the different lines of actions they have been working on over the last few months. The results of these will then be used to change both concrete management practices as well as processes, services and client experiences.

IFEMA Management support for the institution’s internal cultural and technological transformation

In addition, the meeting served to present the Management’s attempts to instil a cultural change within the organisation as well as describe the institution’s future projects on which it will base its growth as reflected in the five-year strategic plan.

IFEMA kicks off a new season of big events

IFEMA has consolidated itself as an exceptional space in Madrid to hold important events that are open to the public. December is no exception, and IFEMA will host three important events, making it the cultural and entertainment epicentre of Madrid.

After the success of Harry Potter, The Exhibition, another great exhibit comes to IFEMA, this time dedicated to the mythical Jurassic Park saga with Jurassic World: The Exhibition. This exhibit’s design will immerse visitors of all ages into scenes inspired by the successful movies. Created in close collaboration with the renowned palaeontologist, Jack Horner, the exhibit features interactive educational activities inspired on real science dedicated to studying dinosaur DNA. Since its première in Melbourne, Australia, in 2016, Jurassic World: The Exhibition has received more than 1.5 million visitors around the world.

Another great show is “33 El Musical”, which will run throughout the month of December in an incredible tent created ad hoc on IFEMA’s facilities. This tent is the largest temporary theatre with the greatest seating capacity ever built in Spain. Directed by Toño Casado, the musical’s author, composer and director, and featuring 28 artists, “33 El Musical” depicts the exceptional story of a man who changed the course of human history with his message of love.

For its part, the circus comes back to IFEMA under a large white tent. IFEMA will host Circlassica until January 6th. The show is an homage to all the circus performers who one day dared to dream and a commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the modern circus. Directed by Emilio Aragón, this show brings together tightrope walkers, trapeze artists and jugglers who, alongside the live orchestra, will take visitors to the magical world of Nim and Margot, “The Circus”.

 IFEMA holds three key events headlining Madrid’s cultural and entertainment agenda.

Another key event is the first ever exhibit in Spain dedicated to Banksy. The exhibit, “Banksy, Genius or Vandal?”, will open on December 6th in IFEMA’s Hall 5.1. The exhibit features a wide array of this iconoclastic British artist’s “street art” that has revolutionised today’s art scene despite not knowing who the artist actually is.

The exhibit has been designed to immerse visitors in the mysterious universe created by Banksy, featuring a unique showing of more than 70 original works of art ceded by international private collectors and collaboration with Lilley Fine Art/Contemporary Art Trader Gallery.

Organised by IQ Art Management and Sold Out, “Banksy, Genius or Vandal?” comes to Spain after its unprecedented success in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, attracting more than 500,000 visitors.


The first edition of dgtl madrid comes to IFEMA

Electronic music lovers will enjoy DGTL Madrid, the new edition of this world-wide festival of reference to be held at IFEMA on Wednesday, December 5th. Created in Amsterdam, DGTL will be held in Madrid for the first time ever, representing a must-see event and an unforgettable experience with some of today’s best national and international artists.

DGTL’s premiere in the capital features some of the biggest names in the underground, house and techno music scenes, including Âme & Mathew Jonson, The Black Madonna, Charlotte de Witte, JP Enfant, Midland and Vane Madrid.

The electronic musical festival of reference to début in Madrid with all the big names in the underground, house and techno music scenes

In addition, fans will also enjoy other more artistic elements of this festival such as incredible staging, art installations and spectacular visual effects.

DGTL also aims to become the first circular festival focused on the year 2020, thanks to sustainable practices designed to raise the audience’s ecological awareness.

This festival is already a key event in Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo and Reykjavik and promises to come to Madrid for good.

Madrid to host the Davis Cup in 2019 and 2020

On October 17th, IFEMA hosted the official presentation of the new Davis Cup format which will be held in Madrid in 2019 and 2020. Both editions are widely supported by the Autonomous Community of Madrid Government and City Hall. Both Angel Garrido, the Autonomous Community President, and Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid, took part in this presentation alongside Gerard Piqué, President of Kosmos, and Kelly Fairweather, Operational Director of the ITF, promoters of this new competition which counts on IFEMA’s sponsorship.

IFEMA will sponsor the Davis Cup’s new format, featuring 18 national teams with the world’s best players.

In 2019, the Caja Mágica arena, a global reference in the tennis world, and three other key stadiums in addition to other indoor and outdoor courts, will host the first final, representing the final touch for the Davis Cup’s new format after 118 years of history. The second edition in 2020, will be held at the WiZink Center, which has ample experience hosting sporting events, and Caja Mágica, both representing good options to enjoy the tournament.

Circlassica: Dreaming to live and living to dream

From November 23rd to January 6th, IFEMA will host Circlassica, a show and homage to all those artists who one day dared to dream. Coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the modern circus, this show will reflect how the dream of many circus performers was to make others happy.

An homage to all those circus performers who one day dared to dream.

Directed by Emilio Aragón, this show features tightrope walkers, trapeze artists and jugglers who, along with the live orchestra, will take spectators to the magic world of Nim and Margot, “the circus”. It’s a show for people of all ages and cannot be missed.

“33 El Musical”, the biggest theatre ever built

On November 22nd, “33 El Musical” will unveil its new show in a large, heated and rounded 2,100-square-meter by 19-meter-tall tent that spans a surface area of 7,000 m2 and built ad hoc at IFEMA. With a 2.3-million-euro investment in its staging and tent, the Italian-style theatre can seat more than 1,000 spectators. It’s large stage and 14-meter stage front make Espacio 33 the largest temporary theatre with the greatest seating capacity ever built in Spain.

More than 1,000 spectators, a large stage and 14-meter stage front.

“33 El Musical” is directed by Toño Casado who is also its author and composer. The plot of this musical is based on the inspiring story of a man that changes humanity through a message of love. With this work, the director and the 28 participating artists aim to move the audience while also becoming the season’s biggest premiere.

The Jurassic World universe conquers Madrid

Jurassic World: The Exhibition will open its doors at IFEMA on November 17th, 2018. This exhibit submerges visitors of all ages in scenes inspired by the successful movie saga. Its last film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was directed by the Spaniard, J.A. Bayona, and was a complete success.

The visit begins with a ferry ride to Nublar (Cloud) Island, were visitors have to cross the iconic Jurassic World gate to see the dinosaurs up close, some measuring more than 7 meters tall. Once there, they’ll also discover the Mini Zoo of tame giants. They can also visit the Hammond Creation Lab, admire the majestic brachiosaur, come face to face with a velociraptor and see the most dangerous dinosaur of all up close, the tyrannosaurus rex.

The exhibit includes interactive educational content inspired by real scientific efforts to study dinosaur DNA.

This exhibit was created in close collaboration with the prestigious palaeontologist, Jack Horner, and features interactive educational content inspired by real scientific efforts to study dinosaur DNA. Since its premiere in Melbourne, Australia, in 2016, Jurassic World: The Exhibition has received more than 1.5 million visitors around the world.


Sensation Festival comes to Spain with its new show, “Rise”.

On November 3rd, IFEMA will host Sensation Festival, the premier electronic music event which will bring together more than 20,000 people. On this occasion, the festival will present its new show, “Rise”, inaugurated in Sao Paolo this past March 31st and set to visit 4 continents total.

This festival is held in 35 countries around the world and mobilises millions of people.

Created in Amsterdam in 2000, Sensation Festival is held in 35 countries around the world and mobilises millions of people. The spectacular staging, acrobats and water, sound and light effects are some of the event’s most noteworthy attractions. The DJ’s in charge of inaugurating this event are Jose AM, Stereo Coque and Whoisjody, who will then cede the stage to Spanish Djs, Abel Ramos >< Albert Neve, and international stars, Shermanology and Kryde, in addition to Sensation’s resident DJ, Mr. White, and Dutch performers, W&W, Nicky Romero and Fedde le Grand, representing the final touch for this party.

IFEMA expands its exhibit space with a new hall

IFEMA’s inauguration of the new pavilion, Hall 5.1, coincided with the largest pharmaceutical industry trade fair in the world, CPhI Worldwide, bringing together more than 45,000 professionals from around the globe. With this new hall, IFEMA expands the exhibit space available, helping ensure maximum occupancy of IFEMA’s facilities.

Hall 5.1 was built to expand IFEMA’s exhibit space and ensure maximum occupancy of its facilities.

Built in a record two months’ time and requiring a 2.8-million-euro investment, this new pavilion is located behind Hall 5, though it stands out due to the different materials used and its structure. Featuring all the latest in comfort and infrastructures, including access ramps, Hall 5.1 is ready to host any and all types of fairs and events.