IFEMA strengthens its high security systems

Ifema seguridad

IFEMA stands at the head of the European trade fairs venues as one of the newest in high security equipment. This action is part of the global 5-year investment plan, which foresees a budget of €100 million, for the improvement of infrastructure, communications, digitization and security equipment.

This project includes the installation of an automated access control system and an emergency public address system. New, state-of-the-art barrier equipment will monitor the access of more than 700,000 vehicles, trucks and freight transport. For this purpose, a total of 92 bollards have been manufactured in high performance steel and resistant to the impact of high-speed freight vehicles.

These have been installed at the four main access points to IFEMA (North, South, East and West). At the same time, the Feria de Madrid will also have a new public address system that will ensure the efficiency of communications in emergencies, under any circumstance. In addition, exhibitors and visitors will be informed in an optimal manner, thanks to a total of 5,164 megaphones installed indoors, in common areas, offices and other areas, and 472 speakers for the pavilions.

For the high security access control project and the emergency public address system IFEMA has allocated an investment of €3.5 million.

IFEMA invests 12 million euros in four unique projects

As of September, IFEMA will count on new, essential infrastructures and services, representing a significant improvement in the experience and care it provides the visitors and exhibitors taking part in all its trade shows, congresses and public events.

These investments are included within IFEMA’s transformation process currently underway and its investment strategy spanning the next five years. This has implied undertaking four key projects over the summer months. The first initiative includes two projects, namely, the installation of free, open-access Wi-Fi and emergency PA systems throughout our facilities. Another is building a new hall to expand the exhibit space available. Finally, installing security bollards at IFEMA’s access points will permit the automated control of vehicles entering our facilities.

IFEMA has synchronised all of these projects to ensure that they are operational in September with the start of activity. IFEMA has dedicated nearly 12 million euros to these projects, all as part of its Strategic Plan which runs until 2020 and implies a total investment of 100 million euros.

One of the most important technological improvements is installing a free, open-access Wi-Fi network for all participants.

Alliance between IFEMA and the Spain Film Commission to develop the FITUR-Cine/Screen Tourism section

The growing interest in visiting places where films and, in particular, TV series with massive audiences have been filmed has opened up a new opportunity: promote those destinations and visits to those locations. This phenomenon is growing around the world and represents an important alternative to diversify the tourism offering and fight against its seasonality. Within this context, FITUR now offers an important platform to connect the tourism and film industries with the creation of the new FITUR-Cine/Screen Tourism section with the Spain Film Commission (SFC). The first edition will be included as part of FITUR 2019 from January 23rd to 27th at IFEMA in Madrid. 

To carry out this project, IFEMA Director General, Eduardo López-Puertas, and the President of the Spain Film Commission, Carlos Rosado, signed a collaboration agreement this past July 25th.

For IFEMA, as the Director General pointed out, “presenting this new dedicated space represents a step forward in our attempts to integrate vertical sectors into FITUR, sectors which represent jobs, business and growth for the tourism industry, as is the case with the flourishing screen tourism segment”. 

The new  FITUR-Cine/Screen Tourism section will have its own space, featuring an exhibition area with the offering different participants have available; a B2B area; and another area for a series of lectures, organised in collaboration with the SFC.

FITUR incorporates a new section into its offering to promote screen tourism.

IFEMA and APM join together to promote FITUR-Festivales

Each year, the offering of music festivals in Spain grows and multiplies, spreading to every corner of the country. With this rapidly growing industry in mind, IFEMA and the Association of Music Promoters (Asociación de Promotores Musicales, APM) recently signed an agreement to organise activities as part of FITUR with a section dedicated specifically to music festivals, known as FITUR-Festivales. The aim is to create a direct connection between tourism and music festivals. Clearly, the ideal setting for this is none other than the next 2019 International Tourism Fair (FITUR). 

Eduardo López-Puertas, IFEMA Director General, declared, the agreement with APM represents key support for the FITUR-Festivales section which focuses on one of the sectors generating new opportunities for growth and expansion in the tourism industry. APM members are in charge of organising 80% of the concerts held in Spain. Consequently, collaborating with them is, without doubt, key to promote these festivals and the different destinations that hold them.”

Agreement recently signed to develop FITUR-Festivales

Recognition of FITUR to the tourism industry

The International Tourism Fair delivered the FITUR 2018 Awards on May 29, as recognition to the efforts of companies, professionals, institutions and researchers to enhance the image of the sector and contribute to its development.

The awards for the ‘Best Stands’ were for the communities (regions) of Aragón, Comunitat Valenciana, and Turismo de Galicia, as well as for the countries of El Salvador, Turkey and Latvia, with a special mention for the stand of the State of Guerrero. In the category of Companies, the winners were Paradores de Turismo; the Hotel Business Association of Madrid, AEHM, and SEGITTUR FITUR KNOW HOW & EXPORT, with a special mention to the H10 HOTELS stand.

Likewise, the awards to the Best Product of Active Tourism, that are organized in collaboration with the magazine Aire Libre, have been for Gastronomic Stations of Asturias; Douro expedition in Kayak de Zamora; Natural Parks of Galicia, Experiences in the middle of nature, and the Model of Astroturismo of La Palma. In the International Category, Indigenous Paraísos (Mexico) and Kayak4conservation (Papua Indonesia) were awarded.

For its part, the award ‘Tribune FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera’, organized in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Tourism Experts, AECIT, distinguished the work “Measurement and Analysis of Sustainability: Synthetic Indicators through Multicriteria Methods and their Relation with Tourism in the Litoral de Andalucía “, by Dr. Daniela Fernanda Thiel Ellul and Dr. Enrique Navarro Jurado.

The International Tourism Fair distinguishes one year more the effort of companies, institutions, countries and professionals with their FITUR 2018 Awards

EXPOTURISMO will coincide with the X National Congress of Business Travel

Under the slogan “Where business travel people grow”, the first edition of EXPOTURISMO de Negocios reaches IFEMA, on May 21st and 22nd at the North Convention Center. More than 5,000 professional visitors will gather at the first fair dedicated in Spain to Business Travel and MICE. The Fair will also host the X National Congress of Business Travel, where prominent international professionals will give interesting talks and conferences addressing issues of special importance for the sector and its future, such as risk management, the new travel policies of companies, the impact of innovation, financial solutions, the implications of the globalization of travel and negotiation techniques.

More than 5,000 professionals will meet at the first fair dedicated in Spain to Business Travel and MICE

IFEMA sponsors the Expedition of Carlos Soria to the summit of Dhaulagiri

IFEMA’s sponsorship was officially presented to one of the most important sporting events of the year: the Dhaulagiri summit, the climbing of the seventh highest mountain in the world located in Nepal, which Carlos Soria, Spain’s most international mountaineer, will carry out starting March 26th. This project acquires special relevance due to IFEMA’s commitment to the promotion and international projection of the image of Madrid, as well as to the values ​​entailed by this climber – effort, improvement, commitment, ambition to achieve new goals, teamwork- representing the same that IFEMA promotes and offers to the more than 33,000 companies that participate in its fairs share thoughout the year. This falls within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of IFEMA.

The sponsorship was born within the framework of the EXPOTURAL Fair, Fair of Mountains, Climate and Sustainable Tourism, which will be held from November 1st to 4th, with the presence of Nepal as the guest country, and of Carlos Soria, who has been appointed ambassador of EXPOTURAL for the ideals that move him, base don a profound respect for nature.

You can follow the day-to-day of this expedition at www.dhaulagiri2018.ifema.es

Carlos Soria represents the values ​​that IFEMA promotes in its CSR activity and that it shares with the 33,000 companies that participate in its fairs

FERIARTE opens its digital store on eBay stores.ebay.es/feriartedigital/

Collectors and lovers of art and antiques can now buy online amongst more than 1,000 art pieces selected and exhibited by antique dealers and art galleries participating in the latest edition of FERIARTE. With this, IFEMA takes a decisive step by opening itself to the e-commerce environment, expanding access to artistic pieces for buyers and collectors from all over the world.

Through its new store on eBay, it opens the opportunity to acquire exclusive pieces, some more than 100 years old, as well as a selection of works of art by renowned contemporary artists: pastic arts, graphic work, sculpture, archeology, decorative arts, jewelry, books and maps, architectural elements, ceramics and porcelain, ivory and silver, tribal and primitive art. We are talking about hundreds of exceptional and exclusive pieces whose quality and authenticity is guaranteed by the Expert Committee of FERIARTE, composed of more than 40 specialists from different disciplines.

This project, which is part of the IFEMA digitalization plan and which has been working in recent months with two reference technology partners, eBay and MODDO, facilitates the exhibitors of FERIARTE (and also those of Almoneda Navidad) an online sales channel for all those works and pieces exhibited at the fair, increasing the possibilities of commercialization to 365 days a year.

IFEMA strengthens it commitment to e-commerce, with the creation of a digital art and antique store in collaboration with eBay and MODDO

REHABITAR MADRID: discover the possibilities of reform and rehabilitation of houses

It is a great project launched for the first time by IFEMA together with the Urban Development Government Area of Madrid City Council: from 22th to 24th of September, REHABILITAR MADRID will bring to the citizens the technical possibilities, and ways of financing and helps to undertake reforms and rehabilitation of homes and buildings. For this, it has decided to host the event in an emblematic space of Madrid: Plaza España, an icon of the actions of rehabilitation of the urban space in the city.

The event will connect visitors with companies related to renovation and renovation, windows, ceilings, sun protection, interiors, lighting, home automation, air conditioning, cooling systems, swimming pools, security – so they can know the best solutions to improve comfort, efficiency, health, ener-
gy savings and isolation of their homes and buildings.

The exhibition will gather more than a hundred companies that will be spread in a reserved space in Plaza España, one of the icons of the actions in rehabilitation of the urban space that is promoting the City of Madrid.

Among the contents of this event, the exhibition area where citizens, communities of neighbors and administrators will he get to know the available offers, will be completed with a wide program of activities: demonstration areas, training (how to manage the aids of MAD-RE Plan of the Madrid City Council, for financing or contracts), as well as work-shops and activities for families and children, with the aim of educating and raising awareness about the responsibility to care for and improve the spaces in which we live.


Entering the field of music with the Rio Babel Festival

Many identify IFEMA with large fairs and congresses… but the venue holds much more than these business meetings. Its last development takes place in the field of the musical events, hosting the festival Rio Babel from 13th to 15th July. A diversification into the cultural world for which IFEMA has many assets.

The objective is to expand the range of activities with a rich cultural programming, and to be more than a business venue, to become part of the lives of citizens. “We want to get closer to the people of Madrid; we have facilities that make it possible to host concerts with large numbers of attendees. In addition we offer a great accessibility through transport, information, connections, parking “, says Carlos González, commercial director of IFEMA.

IFEMA offers perfect facilities and services for this type of large events: it has 200,000m2 spread over 12 pavilions and many outdoor areas. “The festival took place in the outside area of ​​Hall 2 with a capacity of up to 13,000 people”, being today one of the most prominent spaces in Madrid for large format musical events, Carlos González reminds us.

The festival offered a meeting point for music lovers but also a cultural, gastronomic and social event. A varied repertoire of Spanish and Latin artists took part: Resident, Gora, Estopa, Pegatina, Fabulosos Cadillacs or Aterciopelados are some of the mythical bands that accompanied thousands of fans.

IFEMA begins in the diversification of its activity towards large musical events