Throughout May, 48 employees from IFEMA took part in four projects, which the Institution is involved in, through its Corporate Volunteering Plan. By implementing this plan, IFEMA is able to foster the creation of a collaborative culture, involving its employees in the organisation’s initiatives.

Specifically, in May, the group of volunteers from IFEMA began collaborating with the San Camilo Nursing Home, with three training days for the volunteers and an initial introduction to the elderly residents; with the Fundación 38 Grados, a foundation in which the 9 volunteers from IFEMA took part in a training workshop, before taking part in specific projects; with the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation, where, on May 6,  14 volunteers helped the San Antón Church provide breakfast for people with limited resources; and with the Soñar Despierto Foundation, where the first volunteer from IFEMA accompanied a 12-year old child to his therapy session.

The aim of the Corporate Volunteering Plans is to create a collaborative culture to involve employees


On 7 May, the AWS Summit Madrid will be held in IFEMA, said to be the event of the year dedicated to AWS Cloud. 0}The exhibition centre will bring together over 6,000 visitors, with the aim of discovering how the cloud is accelerating business innovation in companies, regardless of their size. It will also work on how to transform all the benefits of the cloud into new opportunities for companies.

How to transform the benefits of the cloud into business opportunities

During the event, visitors will be able to interact with AWS experts, the main partners and with people and companies that are facing the  same challenges.

Save the Children shares its experience helping children around the world with IFEMA

The CEO of Save the Children Spain, Andrés Conde, has inaugurated ‘CHARLAS PARA CAMBIAR EL MUNDO’ [CHATS TO CHANGE THE WORLD] at IFEMA. The initiative is part of the Institution’s Corporate Volunteering Plan and will take place twice a year to provide the opportunity to promote the work that different organisations are doing to safeguard the most disadvantaged social groups around the world.

The opportunity to promote the work that different organisations are doing to safeguard the most disadvantaged social groups around the world

Andrés Conde has headed the Spanish delegation of Save the Children since 2014. Throughout this time he has been able to see the organisation’s work on the ground in countries like Somalia, Nepal, Greece, Serbia, Sierra Leone and Mauritania. His priorities are to defend the rights of children and make their voices heard in the political agenda.




The third edition of Iberzoo+Propet, International Fair for Pet Professionals, was the venue chosen to present the Pet Solidario brand, which also presented a number of animal welfare initiatives aimed at promoting and teaching responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. The event organised by IFEMA, together with the event promoters AMVAC and AEDPAC, was held from 21-23 March in the Feria de Madrid. 

During the event the donation of products to FAPAM were managed

The initiatives developed in Pet Solidario include managing the donation of products by the exhibitors of Iberzoo+Propet to the animal protection entity FAPAM, the Federation of Associations for the Protection and Defence of Animals in the Community of Madrid.

The event attracted 242 direct exhibitors, 255 represented firms and 729 brands in pavilion 10 in the IFEMA-Feria de Madrid facilities, covering over 7,000 m2 of exhibition area.




The first edition of the Women Evolution Congress (WEvolution), Health, Emotional Wellness and Transformational Leadership Congress, directed by tenacious businesswomen in executive and corporate positions and entrepreneurs, has been a huge success. Over 320 participants attended this event, co-organised by IFEMA, together with Lidia Codinachs and Maria Freiría, which was held in IFEMA’s North Convention Centre in the Feria de Madrid.

The event brought together tenacious businesswomen in executive and corporate positions and entrepreneurs

Begoña Gómez Fernández, Teresa Viejo, Alejandra Vallejo- Nágera, Gloria Lomana, Cristina Gallach, Marlen Estévez, Charo Izquierdo, Ana Larrañaga, Julia González or Patricia Such, are some of the prestigious speakers that formed part of the panel of experts during this congress.

All the participants agreed on the need for women to have greater self-awareness and self-management regarding their health and wellbeing, strengthening and connecting their personal and professional leadership skills with their emotions.

Four corporate volunteer projects to involve IFEMA employees

In keeping with IFEMA’s Master Corporate Social Responsibility Plan and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we have chosen four volunteer programmes to involve our employees and help groups at risk of social exclusion.

Four corporate volunteer projects to involve IFEMA employees in helping groups at risk of social exclusion

Specifically, these programmes are Soñar Despierto (“Daydreaming”), which organises fun activities for minors currently residing in shelters; Residencia San Camilo, accompanying people suffering from severe dementia and helping those with less severe mental health problems at this retirement home; Fundación 38 grados (“38º Foundation”), dedicated to fulfilling the last wishes of those nearing the ends of their lives; and Mensajeros de Paz (“Messengers of Peace”), whose functions, amongst others, include providing food to those in need.

These programmes only serve to complement other initiatives such as the food and toy drives IFEMA has organised in its own offices.


INTERSICOP 2019, the International Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Coffee Show, successfully collected 1,000 kilos of food for Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz. It launched this solidarity-based initiative during the fair. In four days it collected surplus food from participating bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream shops and donated it to the foundation to distribute it amongst the neediest.

Baked goods, ice cream and pastries were donated to the foundation to distribute amongst the neediest

The 2019 edition of INTERSICOP organised by IFEMA was a resounding success. Both visitors and exhibitors were very satisfied with the exhibits and the parallel activities located in situ. This edition brought together a total of 293 companies (212 participating directly) and exceeded all forecasts in terms of the number of professional visitors: 21,420, representing a 14.2%  increase with respect to 2017.

ARCOKids, the most creative and solidarity-minded space for children

Within the framework of the eighth edition of ARCOmadrid 2019, the Fundación Pequeño Deseo promoted ARCOKids, comprising various artistic workshops for children ages 4 to 12.

A key component of this initiative was raising funds dedicated in their entirety to this foundation focused on helping fulfil the dreams of children with severe illnesses.

Fulfilling the dreams of children with severe illnesses

The artists and members of the RE.QUE.TE.CUBO Project, Pilar Cavetany, Piedad Palacio and Paloma Moreno, were in charge of ARCOKids’s artistic component. In addition, Nieves Álvarez the renowned fashion model and now designer of the N+V firm, collaborated altruistically with this event, providing smocks made from vintage material and designed exclusively for this event.

The Innovation Gallery within the 2019 International HVAC & Refrigeration Exhibition to raise funds for two NGDOs

The upcoming edition of the International HVAC and Refrigeration Exhibition  (C&R2019) will be held from February 26th to March 1st. This year’s event includes a very special component. The organisers will donate 100% of registration fees for the Innovation Gallery to two solidarity-based projects carried out by two non-governmental development organisations (NGDOs).

The chosen organisations are the Spanish Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. They were selected via a survey amongst companies participating in the gallery. Both NGDOs are actively involved in helping those affected by problems related to housing, energy poverty, extreme weather and illnesses, as well as providing humanitarian and medical assistance in adverse situations.

All registration fees for the Innovation Gallery will be donated

IFEMA has organised the exhibitors in C&R2019’s  Innovation Gallery into 18 teams and solutions. Included amongst these are vanguard propositions and technologies that help to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of and optimise thermal equipment, amongst others.

IFEMA collaborates with the Food Bank and the NGO, “No child without a smile”.

In December, IFEMA launched two corporate volunteerism initiatives focused on stimulating its employees’ solidarity and commitment. One of these was “Operación Kilo”, collecting more than 310 kilos of food later distributed amongst 500 social relief agencies registered with the Autonomous Community of Madrid which tend to a total of 100,000 people every day. The other initiative, Ni Un Niño Sin Sonrisa (“No child without a smile”) gathered more than 500 toys to try to make children at risk of social exclusion smile.

More than 310 kilos of food and 500 toys for social initiatives